My $1000 A Day: Why staking $6500 in Goldmand WAX P2E Game is better than a 4th Artefact (With Existing 3 Artefact Setup)

My 3 Greenies! Number 4 soon?

I’ve been playing and mining the super red hot new P2E game Goldmand for 12 days now, and with all the assets I have in passive and a very lucky amount of pulls from cheap packs, I ended up with 3 Artefacts and Level 10, staked 18,141 at the moment.

But a couple of days ago, I decided I wanted to unstake all of it and purchase a 4th Artefact which would cost about $6000 at current rates..I figured I would make use of a 4th slot, which became available and live in the past 24 hours.

The question is this…by unstaking $6500 in GME and buying an Artefact to fill a 4th slot a good idea? So i did the math in the past few hours.

I found that staking $6500 in GME or 18,141 tokens gave me 310 GME per mine and 2.90 GMD. Without staking with 0 tokens and Level 1, normally those numbers would be 268 and about 2.25 GMD, so unstaking would drop me 42 GME per mine and .75 GMD per mine. Going to Lv2 to get slot 4 would be required too, and the profit percentage gain is very minimal.

That sacrifices would come at the cost of adding a 4th Artefact, and restaking $200 in GME and GMD which would total $6200. With 4th Artefact, the new totals would be 358 GME/3.1, but a higher cost of 140 GMM and 140 GMF. Another cost is $22 a day to rent the 4th spot, which would reduce my daily profit by $22.

Net profit per mine of 4 Artefacts would be 78 GME minus 7 GME for rent, for a total of 71 profit, but right now with 18,141 staked and 3 Artefacts is 100 per mine!

So basically staking $6500 vs 4th artefact and rental spot nets 27 more GME per mine. 71 vs 100.

Based on this math, unstaking all these tokens and buying a 4th artefact is a bad idea, because i’m getting +27 GME at 18,141 staked, AND I’d lose the benefit of 4 total rentable spots and $22 a day.. Also imagine trying to sell 18,141 GME tokens on Alcor…not easy!

So instead of tormenting GME holders or Alvar miners to a day of non stop selling, I’ve decided to restake it all when it comes back to me.

My strategy is to make the most of my 3 Artefacts by staking to over profit 100% in the future. Staking $6500 is way better than renting a Lv2 spot and buying a 4th Artefact. The benefits of staking far outweigh the addition of a 4th artefact.



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Ted Wavegenius Aguhob

Ted Wavegenius Aguhob

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