Want to join a group break for the chance at $3000-$4000 Artefact Amulet from Goldmand for $60–$81? (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Ted Wavegenius Aguhob
2 min readMar 17, 2022


Tonite we were discussing in the Goldmand chat about doing a 5 man group break for a $340-$403 Goldmand Amulet Standard pack.

Basically each person will pay $60-$81 to join depending on the price of the pack and will be assigned a rarity…common, rare, epic, legendary or artefact at random. Amulet Artefacts are worth as much as $3000-$4000 if the bonuses are great (consumption or time)

After getting wax payments from all 5 people to my wax address xbequ.wam , I will open the pack and randomize everything live on my Twitch stream. (I myself will be joining many of these!).

Here’s how it would work:

The top spot (first position) will decide which race we will open. All 5 buyers will have their name and race.
Next I will randomize the order of the buyers of each spot and align it with the next random…
Once this is randomized the list with the buyer names will be aligned with this list.

I will be live streaming this on Twitch so I can’t “rig” each pack opening.

If you want to join, post a comment on this post with your wax address and discord username.




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