My $1000 A day — The State of WAX P2E NFT’s. Feb 28, ‘22. What I’m investing in now and what I’m avoiding. (New! Goldmand and Important Farmer’s World news)

Ted Wavegenius Aguhob
9 min readMar 1, 2022

It’s been about a month since my last “State of Wax P2E NFT’s” article and a LOT has changed in my investments..

I’ve been around since the very beginning of WAX NFT’s. I bought and profited big (for me at the time since I was pretty much dead broke! haha) on GPK Series 1 with just $100 in those pink packs…

I’ve witnessed and lived the ENTIRE rise of Alien Worlds up until now, making almost half a million dollars in the process…

I saw $600 a day in the summer of 2021 from Rplanet before it crashed to almost zero…I got massacred investing in this NFT game, but that’s another article!

The sudden parabolic move of Farmer’s World sitting in the chat room of the Cabal while a couple buddies of mine in there were just destroying it…and today the almost armageddon end…

This blog post will have a lot of details into where I’m investing in now and why I made the moves I did..this could be a very major post about what’s about to happen and you need to share it with your friends.

Goldmand (SACHS!!) Vs. The Behemoth Known As Farmer’s World. Leave them, come to Goldmand!

As you may have heard, I made some extremely wise decisions and moves on Wax NFT P2E projects. I was buying Farmer’s World packs upon release, not knowing how parabolic this project would go up…and parabolic down into oblivion. I invested very little into thinking that it was a bubble, and I was 100% correct. Today’s article they wrote pretty much marked the death of Farmer’s World.

I’m about to show some stats that will have serious repercussions on the stability and survival of Farmer’s World, and it doesn’t look good at all.

MikeNoLife, a mod from Goldmand brought up stats about Farmer’s World’s and is currently keep track of that will shock. It’s pretty bad.

last 7 day NET NEGATIVE $261,501! Farmer’s World

So basically the situation is this…Farmer’s World miners spit out tons of NFT’s a day and FW can’t afford the RAM costs. They have to buy 100,000 RAM every other day it seems to keep the game alive, resulting in massive losses in the past 7 days…$261,501 as detailed on the pic above in losses.

That’s a serious amount of money even FW themselves can’t afford. Can they keep going on forever doing this? Chainsaws went from a handful to 115,000 (last I saw), Mining Excavators from 100 or so to almost 50–60,000..the list goes on and on…but that token they spit out that sells for a little under a wax there’s millions of! Last I saw there was 22.5 million FW NFT’s.

I barely played the game, so I don’t even know what these tokens do, but there’s just a shitload of them that’s draining RAM exponentially every single day.

The FWW FWG and FWF tokens have suffered horrifically in the process, and the top MAXED out rigs barely make $100 a day now…There could be many new 0’s after that decimal point on all 3, and right now the situation is really grim…

So Farmer’s World miners, where do you go? Just sell and get rid of everything and never go back to P2E in WAX?

Well there’s hope guys, and it’s called G-O-L-D-M-A-N-D

So it all started one day earlier this month…I saw the explosion of the release of the Goldmand NFT…not knowing what it was all I could think was “Goldmand SACHS?” So when the post hype spike ended and the game was sitting at the lows, I decided to jump in.

Literally at the moment this game bottomed after the huge run up it had, I bought a pack…$175 if i remember correctly…and in the pack were these two beautiful looking purple tool cards called Epic Tools…little did I know that these were worth $300 a pop!

Once that happened I was instantly hooked, and like I’ve said in the past I judge the quality and survival chance of an NFT game based on the ROI of the packs.

Ironically the same day was the release of Writer’s Finney Vol. 1 burn fest, which I took part in thanks to some friends on Telegram who alerted me of it.

I bought a ton of Writer Finney Vol. 1 packs and was sitting on 3940 of them at the time.

I pulled one of these 1/1s from burning 22 cards!

So to make a long story short, burning 22 of these Vol.1 cards would give you a chance at some nice Finney/Writer cards..including the X-Ray 1/1 which to date only 6–7 of them have appeared. I ended up selling a few hundred to the guy who told me about this event, and kept about 3500 to burn…

So i kept burning for hours and on the VERY last batch of 22…the 1/1 appeared and I was thrilled obviously. One of my buddies is a big Writer fan, and I ended up trading all the golds out of 5 i pulled and the 1/1 X-Ray card for ironically…a Mining Excavator from Farmer’s World.

I was going go play, but i decided to sell it for about $1250 and open more Goldmand packs, being that it seemed like the absolute best pack to open at the time.

About 20–30 packs later, after selling all the rares or lower and keeping purple or higher, I ended up with 3 Gold Legendarys and a ton of purple Epics…I held them and decided to play.

Literally a day later was the sudden reversal in the game, and miners from FW were abandoning Farmer’s World and coming to Goldmand…I didn’t know why until I actually started playing the game.

Turns out the game was a hybrid of the BEST of Farmer’s World and the BEST of Alien Worlds…and learned from the biggest mistakes that both games had and improved dramatically on them. Right now Goldmand GMM GME and GMM are the second highest volume on , 2nd to Farmer’s World, and has sustained this trend for almost a month now. This alone gives me a high degree of confidence in the project. You need volume up or down to sustain the life of a project, and Goldmand has that in droves.

So basically from the cost of 3940 almost worthless Writer cards, I had created one of the best rigs in the game…all from 20–30 packs of Goldmand. I’ve only bought 2–3 cards since, and i still open pack to this day.

The rig at the peak was worth upwards of $30,000 in a week(!) and I had mined almost $3500 of resources, and I staked most of it to get higher bonuses…but like most or if ALL WAX NFT P2E Games, there was a correction that followed.

So right now, I’m seeing a bottom forming in the Goldmand NFT game.

One more wave down and this thing bottomed.

As you can see in the chart and recent charts, it got the upward W4 reversal and is now in a 5th wave of 5th wave down on low volume…as of Feb 28 9PM PT, there’s a very good chance of a sudden violent upside reversal after the 5 wave pattern down.

So this brings me back to Farmer’s World…I think once the total collapse is complete…say everything goes to zero which is a huge possiblity, people who still believe in the space will flock wildly to Goldmand.

I’m making $200 a day with an $8000-$10,000 Goldmand rig and this is at the LOWS. At the highs it was around $520 a day for a couple days…and I think it could return back to those levels within weeks…

Once the news is out and the official rug is pulled on Farmer’s World, don’t miss the chance to bottom fish Goldmand NFT’s…this could be the single greatest investment of your life, or my life in the coming days..

So What Else Is Going On In The NFT WAX P2E Space? Voidlight, Seafarmers, Sea World.

So you guys probably already saw the parabolic rise of recent projects and back to reality within days…

For example Voidlight came out and “lit” up the market with a $300,000+ NFT release, and people were thinking they could just pile in as fast as they could, ride the eventual spike up, cash out and move onto the next one.

Turns out the spike was very tepid, and I know a lot of “early investors” who have already fully cashed out…look at this chart to see why. This is VLT, Voidlights’ only crypto chart:

Notice the 2 day rise and the recent collapse to almost zero…this has been happening to a lot of FW And AW clones that go parabolic….so if you see a bunch of hype, wait out at least 2–3 days before deciding what to could save you from financial disaster.

The packs are horrific also…for $200 you can get a pack with the EXACT cards/NFTs described. No chance of a $2000-$5000 card, but the exact stupid boring cards described. Pass on the packs!

Before Voidlight came Seafarmer’s and this NFT project too had a sudden rise in popularity with a $300,000+ NFT Sale day.

It surpassed and battled with Goldmand and FW for a a couple days before coming crashing down to earth…like Voidlight.

They ended the beta release early which really hurt the project (due to tons of bugs), but there’s about 22–30 whales left who still believe in it and are artificially keeping the NFT and crypto barely alive..i mean BARELY.

Every day those 22–30 pumpers buy the overpriced NFT’s hoping for something out of it…you can see on the same guys battling to keep this project alive, and their NFST TSFT and MSFT cryptos are barely hanging on with 5% of Goldmand’s volume every day.

With this little audience, they could easily just dump everything to zero at any moment, so BEWARE.

And finally Sailor’s World…all I know are the packs, and I would says they’re OK. But something happened last night…

When I first opened the packs a week ago it was nothing but common after common after common, but the contents of each pack sold for the lowest 1/2 of the price you paid, so it was worth opening.

But last night a miracle happened:

1 casual basic pack!

I was bored last night, and decided to open one $200 pack among all the packs on Atomichub and chose the Sailor’s World Basic pack for $170.

As i opened the pack (with my Iphone covering the screen!) and slowly revealed the cards…the first was a green uncommon, which paid for half the pack.

2nd card i slowly moved my Iphone down and saw the top of what appeared to be a common and was like, FUCK this shit never again!

But as i moved further down, i saw YELLOW, and the number FIVE. And realized that i spent $170 for a $1400 card! ($1500 including the uncommon) and I pretty much shit my pants.

It took a while to sell, but I got a good deal and I moved it, and bought another baby…for $ 4th one!

So in a nutshell, Sailor’s World’s packs are great, but as far as gameplay is concerned I know very little other than that it’s another P2E Wax game.

It’s been on fire today with a new pack release, but I don’t expect it to last and may end up like Seafarmer’s in the future.

So this was a long article, I hope this helps in your NFT investments!



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