Can DAPP Game Help Solve World Hunger Problem? The Math Behind It.

Ted Wavegenius Aguhob
3 min readMar 31, 2021

I’m sitting behind my laptop looking at numbers fly upward on this day March 30, 2021 and I’m starting to think…

Can the DAPP game help solve the world hunger problem? I know it sounds incredibly out there, but the math behind it at the moment backs my claim…or at least has a good chance of it..

In 3rd world countries making money is almost impossible for the poorest percentage of the population..these people are trying to live on about $50 a month and feed a family and even with a job which can be very labor intensive they barely scrape enough to get even that. Homeless people locally in Santa Monica where I live need at least $3-$5 a day to even eat.

Enter …I’ve been playing since 2nd day of the launch and if you know me, I’ve turned a $350 promotion on into an Alien Worlds collection worth upwards of $40,000-$50,000…but not everyone has succeeded as well as I have..but you don’t have to.

At the moment the crypto is trading .092 Wax = 1 TLM. And the crypto it converts into WAX trades at .35 per. For every 1000 TLM you get about 90–100 WAX, which is about $35 a day. That’s my goal everyday is to hit 1000, but I usually hit around 800 on a 16 hour mining “operation” which is around $30 a day…but if you include the NFTs that are dropped it varies from twenty five cents up to $2400 (AI Excavator is the best you can mine).

Now you’re thinking, that sounds like hard work and very expensive. Yes my rig is worth upwards of $20,000-$30,000 at the moment (RD9000, Lucky Drill Gold, AI Excavator Gold).

But you don’t need a big expensive rig to mine Trillium. The lowest cost rigs used by miners is 3 Shovels which costs about $.25. According to members in the room who’ve mined full days with 3 shovels (about 16–18 hours) they’ve made about 200–250 TLM. That’s about $7-$8 a day.

Now think..if the poorest 3rd world country families live off of $50 a month, imagine if all those families mined on Alien Worlds. You can have up to two people per family mine before an account gets nerfed.

In 3rd world countries if you have 2 family members mining with 3 shovels on a cheap $50 internet tablet mining they could make up to $15-$18 a day, which is about $500-$600 a month. I’m assuming it would cost $25 a month to pay for internet, so 1.5 days would pay for it.

But all they need is $50 a month usually to live and feed their families so $500-$600 a month is a huge windfall for a family living in a 3rd world country.

The costs would be: Internet devices which can cost as low as $50 each for a cheap tablet, tools, and internet…these devices could be paid for in two weeks on a full mining operation with just 3 shovels.

But there are great common tools they provide huge Trillium at the mere cost of $15-$20 for a 3 x playset which would increase the TLM count to 500–600 a day or about $17-$20 a day or $1200 a month for two family miners…Power Saw, Basic Trillium Detector and Basic Explosives are the 3 most popular commons..

Not only 3rd world countries, but now say the homeless people in the United States who manage to have access to a $50 tablet and internet sitting in front of a Starbucks in Santa Monica. They probably need at most $5 a day to eat. They would be making at least 2–3 times that on a cheap rig setup and would be eating for more than just 1 day.

Now with this information…mathematically can Alien Worlds solve world hunger? It depends on if they have access to a tablet…

Accessibility to a cheap tablet is very widespread and if someone can gather around $40-$50 for one, they could not only eat, but make a decent living mining on Alien Worlds.

It’s not a game, more like virtual mining (at the moment, the game is coming soon), and requires clicking “mine” and “claim” every 15 or so minute. You just click it when you feel like it, and the Trillium, which has gone up almost 1000% in the past week, would come in a very easy and effortless way.

It may not solve world hunger, but for an extremely low cost and extremely low effort involved…you don’t need a college degree or advanced skills. Just a tablet and the will to mine!



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